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News, Updates, and Acquisitions

  • Ireland Earth - SafeSavings
    October 9, 2021 Support Team

    Ireland Earth

    SafeSavings has purchased Ireland Earth All Natural FireStarter's, in bulk, for wholesale sale.  For sales information, please contact Product Information:Twenty-Four Immediate, All Weather, Anytime Fires Enjoy 24 fires from our all weather; all natural fire starters that reach high...

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  • Pure By Heartworks - SafeSavings
    October 5, 2021 Support Team

    Pure By Heartworks

    SafeSavings has acquired a full manufacturers retail-set of Pure By Heartworks girls sweaters. The merchandise has a pre-ticket price of $24.99 and is case-packed with sizes evenly distributed from small to x-large. Full manifest available* For sales information, please contact

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  • Equate - SafeSavings
    October 1, 2021 Support Team


    Equate, a Walmart Inc private labeled brand, is a manufacturer of personal care products, health and beauty supplies, and medicines and vitamins. SafeSavings has acquired 25,000 units of Equate's retailed packed Round Facial Beauty Sponges, 2-Count, for wholesale, retail, and online sales....

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  • Baby Sunnies - SafeSavings
    September 1, 2021 Support Team

    Baby Sunnies

    Baby Sunnies glasses offer optimum protection against harmful sun rays for children and baby's. The brand uses recyclable and high quality materials, including polarized, glare reducing lenses, and break-resistant frames. SafeSavings has acquired, at bulk, Baby Sunnies Strap Adjustable glasses...

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  • Sesame Street - SafeSavings
    August 12, 2021 Support Team

    Sesame Street

    SafeSavings is getting holiday ready with Sesame Street books, toys, and promotional merchandise - acquiring over 10,000 units of licensed goods for wholesale, retail, and online sales. Full manifest available* For sales information, please contact sales at

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  • FineVine - SafeSavings
    August 10, 2021 Support Team


    FineVine Organics is one of the health industry's fastest growing companies for daily remedy's and herbal treatments. The brand's catalogue includes oral care, health & beauty products, vitamins & supplements, and dietary supplements. SafeSavings has acquired 20,000 units of FineVine's 4oz...

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  • DIY FOR FUN - SafeSavings
    August 7, 2021 Support Team


    SafeSavings has acquired over 100,000 units of DIY FOR FUN product. Inventory includes styrofoam craft numbers, letters, and symbols - barcoded with hanger tabs and ready for retail sale. Full manifest available* For sales information, please contact sales at

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  • Heyday - SafeSavings
    August 2, 2021 Support Team


    Heyday is a subsidiary of Target Brands, Inc.. The private label's catalogue includes cell phone cases, chargers, earbuds and headphones, smartwatch bands, speakers, and tablet accessories. SafeSavings has acquired over 5,000 assorted accessories for wholesale, retail, and online sales. Full manifest available* For...

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  • Colemerg - SafeSavings
    July 26, 2021 Support Team


    Colemerg was established in 2020, manufacturing an exclusive range of products including sprays, sanitizers, soaps, and paper products. SafeSavings has acquired over 100,000 units, of both retail and bulk packaging, for instore and online sales. Inventory includes wipes, in various...

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