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Tolco 523155 Clear Choice Bulk Soap Dispenser 50 oz. Capacity White

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Brand: Tolco
Type: 523155 Clear Choice Bulk Soap Dispenser
SKU: 800109
List Quantity: 71
About: This Bulk Soap Dispenser is designed to hold 50 ounces of liquid soap, so refills are kept to a minimum for busy janitorial staffers. This sturdy, sleek soap dispenser has been designed and streamlined to fit discreetly into a variety of places: bathrooms, kitchens, and other work settings.
  • ADA Compliant The push bar complies with the standards set forth by the ADA
  • Save Money Bulk soap is up to 55% more cost effective than prepackaged soaps. An easy view of the soap levels allows for refills on an as-needed basis to ensure that there is always soap in the dispenser.
  • Environmentally Friendly With no cartridges to dispose of, you'll not only help customers stay healthy, but also the earth.
  • Durable DuPont Viton® is used for the O-rings to provide superior resistance to the effects of the anti-bacterial soaps and gel sanitizers.