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Tolco­­­ Top PerFOAMer Foaming Dispenser 32 oz. Capacity 4-3/4x7x9 Black

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Brand: Tolco
Type: Top PerFOAMer Foaming Dispenser 32 oz
SKU: 800111
List Quantity: 108
About: Unlike other bulk fill soap dispensers, Tolco's Top PerFOAMer and Top Choice dispensers dispense soap from the top, not the bottom. This simple change in design prevents them from leaking. These ADA compliant units offer a unique locking system and replaceable pumps. The replaceable pumps allow the units to be easily converted from lotion to foam or vice versa.
  • Guaranteed Not to Leak Foam soap can easily leak from traditional dispensers if there is any issue with the valve. The patent-pending top dispensing design of the Top PerFOAMer™ provides no risk of leaking valves.
  • Foam or Lotion Soap The dispenser can be easily converted from a foam dispenser to a lotion dispenser by simply swapping the pump.
  • Saves Money Bulk soap is up to 55% more cost-effective than prepackaged soaps. Foam soap provides 3x more hand washings than a comparable amount of prepackaged liquid soaps. Easy view of the soap level allows for refills on an as-needed basis to ensure there is always soap in the dispenser.
  • Environmentally Friendly No cartridges or bags to dispose of.
  • ADA Compliant Push bar complies with the standards of the ADA.
Note: Replacement foaming pump item number RA-BDFP-EA; to convert to lotion dispenser order part number RA-BDLP-EA (pumps sold separately).