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Hamilton Adjustable Comfort Nylon Dog Purple Harness 10-16 in. Chest

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Brand: Hamilton
Type: Adjustable Comfort Nylon Dog Purple Harness 10-16 in. Chest
SKU: 1200136
UPC: 13227
List Quantity: 2
About: The Hamilton Nylon Comfort Dog Harness comes in a vibrant rainbow of basic solid and fashion colors that are made from only the finest first run, premium grade nylon. Which ensures durability and safety. This harness for dogs and puppies is perfect for taking a walk and is a great comfortable alternative to a no pull dog harness. Cuts that are finished away from the pet's coat and out performs competitor products in comfort, flexibility, and endurance. Harnesses are fully adjustable to perfectly fit all breeds. Which makes it the best dog harness on the market.