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News, Updates, and Acquisitions

  • Hanna's Candle Company Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    marzo 25, 2022 Support Team

    Hanna's Candle Company Product Acquisition

    Hanna's Candle Company has been in business since 1988 creating unique and beautiful fragrance products for your home. From candles and potpourri to air fresheners and room sprays. The company is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. SafeSavings has acquired the brands...

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  • Fashion Jewlery Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    marzo 10, 2022 Support Team

    Fashion Jewlery Product Acquisition

    Fashion Jewelry manufacturers and distributes on-trend costume and fashion pieces that are perfect for prom or any other special event. The value driven brand sells a wide range of accessories including rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. SafeSavings has acquired product in bulk...

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  • Tytan & Toys Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    marzo 7, 2022 Support Team

    Tytan & Toys Product Acquisition

    Tytan™ toys strives for children to have the opportunity to grow, develop, and reveal the natural world through their own self-discovery. The company manufactures award winning 100% non-toxic magnetic tiles from recycled materials, that allow your child to uncover the joys of geometry...

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  • ME! Bath Product Aquisition | SafeSavings
    marzo 3, 2022 Support Team

    ME! Bath Product Aquisition

    With only 24 hours in each day, it’s hard to find a little ME! Time. ME! Bath’s body and bath products are crafted to help you maximize your experiences in the time you do find. The skin-moisturizing formulas use nourishing...

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  • Women with Control Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    marzo 2, 2022 Support Team

    Women with Control Product Acquisition

    Since the start of her Women with Control® line, Renée Greenstein has wiggled and danced her way into our hearts. Renée learned how clothing should fit "real women" during her experience as a fit model. Founded on her belief that,...

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  • Claire's Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    febrero 19, 2022 Support Team

    Claire's Product Acquisition

    Claire's is an American retailer of accessories, jewelry, and toys primarily aimed toward tween and teen girls. The company sells the latest fashion styles and trends and operates over 2,300 stores in North America and Europe. SafeSavings has acquired, in bulk,...

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  • LEP Enterprises Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    febrero 18, 2022 Support Team

    LEP Enterprises Product Acquisition

    LEP Enterprises, Inc. is a wholesale direct importer for general merchandise, specializing in women's apparel, fashion jewelry, and cosmetics products. SafeSavings has purchased 12,000 units of hair accessories for wholesale sale.  A full manifest is available.* For sales information, please...

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  • XOXO Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    febrero 14, 2022 Support Team

    XOXO Product Acquisition

    XOXO embodies the "Smart Sexy" woman through footwear, outerwear, handbags, watches, fragrances, swimwear, intimates, and home accessories. The brand can be found at the largest big box department stores including Macy's, Boscov's, TJX, and more. SafeSavings has acquired full manufacturer sets...

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  • Scorpio Accessories Product Acquisition | SafeSavings
    febrero 12, 2022 Support Team

    Scorpio Accessories Product Acquisition

    Scorpio manufacturers and sells the latest trends in girl's hair products and accessories. SafeSavings has purchased over 35,000 units of Scorpio branded hairbands for online, retail, and wholesale sale. The case-packed merchandise is individually pre-ticketed and is tagged with GS1 barcodes. A full manifest is...

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