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Core Values

Our Foundational Blueprint to Success

As a small wholesale business in a highly competitive industry, service and the standards we practice are at the core of our foundational structure. With this, we’ve made sure to have a way for our customers to contact us 24/7. Whether that be by phone or by email, it is important for us to have a channel available to help customers with any and all questions they may have.

Today, we have on-site customer representatives answering phones from 5am to 9pm, Monday through Friday. Have a problem with your account or order? We are here to help; and our support team is trained to fix any problem that a valued customer has. Outside of these business hours, customers could send our support team an email, and have a response within minutes.

Our team is continuously evolving how we help our customers, and finding new ways to prevent problems from occurring. Any company could distribute supplies, and there are many who do; but it’s how we go about it that makes SafeSavings different. Our company was founded on four core values, which are at the foundation of how we operate as an organization.


SafeSavings takes the extra initiative in demonstrating a high level of integrity for the products we sell and how we get them to our customers. We make sure that your order is in stock, picked correctly, packaged professionally, and then delivered on time. Either it’s perfect, or it’s not good enough, and we strive for that perfect experience every time.


Whether you’re a customer service representative, driver, or warehouse picker; we take ownership and pride in our work and promptly fix mistakes when they occur. Lets face it, mistakes happen. But it’s up to us to make things right, and then make sure they never happen again. SafeSavings, and our team, love what we do, and strive to make sure our customers are happy.


In addition to providing a unique service, different from our competitors within the space, we also practice trustworthy and authentic organizational behavior in and outside of work. We at SafeSavings hold high standards for ourselves and our team, and work together to provide a simple and straightforward service to our many loyal customers.


This core value encompasses our love for hospitality and drive to benefit our partners and customers. Distribution is quickly evolving and we constantly make an effort to not only stay ahead of the curve, but create it. Passion for what we do is tightly aligned with our organizational culture and how we operate on a daily basis.