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Timex Holiday Lavendar Women's Optical Eyeglasses

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Brand: Timex
Type: Holiday Lavendar Women's Optical Eyeglasses
SKU: 1400118
List Quantity: 1
About: The Timex Holiday is a perfect choice of Eyeglasses from the brilliant Timex collection. These exciting Eyeglasses have a compelling arrangement of brilliant features. The eyesize of this item is 50 millimeters. This eyewear is eligible for prescription lens installation. Composed of metal like nickel, monel or stainless steel to help give some durability and relative overall strength. It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration and absolute style. If you're looking for something that's compatible with bi-focal or progressive lenses, then you've found it. The width of the bridge of this frame is 17 millimeters. The length of the temple pieces are 130 millimeters. This color offers a range of reds and light to dark pink hues The length of the temple pieces are 135 millimeters.