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Merchnet Textile Products


Merchnet offers a wide variety of wholesale, closeout, and discounted product textile designs to fit your customers, employees, and personal needs.

Industries Served

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Home & Consumer Goods


For acquisitions, prices, and quantity availability as of April 19, 2024Click Here.

Manfacturing Process

We first receive raw fabric from our partnered overseas textile manufacturers in large shipping containers. After it's unloaded into our facility, we then unroll the rolls of fabric and allow for the material to relax and contract prior to being manufactured. Once the fabric is ready, we spread, form layout, and cut it to the size and shape needed. Merchnet garments are sewn in an assembly line, where our operators receive a bundle of cut fabric and repeatedly sew the same portion until complete. Each garment is then checked, individually, in order to maintain our high-quality standard. The final steps include cleaning, pressing, and packaging the finished goods for sale.

Merchnet uses products of natural and manmade fiber, cotton blends, and assorted yarn, in addition to automotive, organic, ecofriendly, technical, and home textiles.


At Merchnet, we have set a high bar to care for our employees and community, to minimize our organizational footprint, and manufacturer product to promote circular economies. Our mission revolves around the "Three P" pillars: People, Planet, and Product.

Fulfillment & Location

Order quantities are sold by the case and shipped nationwide. There is no order minimum.

Contact Details

Thank you for your interest in Merchnet. For general information, please email and your inquiry will be transferred to the appropriate department. You can also call (800) 448-3456 EXT. 0 to speak to an operator. 

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