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DIY Crew 1 Inch Weighted Tape Dispenser Craft Supplies Multi-Purpose Tape Holder

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Brand: DIY Crew
Type: 1 Inch Weighted Tape Dispenser
SKU: 900105
UPC: 5060670090416
List Quantity: 240
  • Makes one hand taping a breeze: you need a desk tape dispenser that stays in place so you can quickly operate with one hand? You have found it! (Available for 1'' and 2'' wide tapes, check variations)
  • Heavy duty construction: this large tape dispenser is heavy, has a solid metal frame and big rubber suction cups to immobilize it. Forget about sliding dispensers, this one will not move
  • Frustration free: remember the frustration of finding the edge of a scotch tape? Not anymore, we added a second ledge to catch the edge of the tape when it doesn't stick to the blade (check images)
  • Extended Manufacturer Guarantee: If this is not the best tape dispenser you ever owned we will give your money back! We offer a 6 months money-back refund. No questions asked
  • You can use it as: teacher tape dispenser, cellophane tape dispenser, freezer tape dispenser, cooper tape dispenser, masking tape dispenser