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Divina Green Olive Spread 7oz

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This​ ​rich​ ​tapenade​ ​owes​ ​its​ ​distinctive​ ​flavor​ ​to​ ​sun-ripened​ ​green​ ​olives, which are a fantastic source of iron, fiber, calcium, and vitamin A.​ The Divina brand takes exceptional care in selecting its ingredients, using only high-quality organic olives that have never been touched by pesticides, additives, or artificial coloring. Capers, red wine vinegar, garlic, and oregano amplify the nutty but oiled fruit flavor of the authentic olives used in this delectable topping. Spread​ ​on bread,​ top onto ​fresh​ ​vegetables​, ​or​ ​mix into pasta​ for a touch of ​the ​Mediterranean​ at​ ​your table.